he summer, you should follow a few rules.

He Summer, You Should Follow A Few Rules.

he summer, you should follow a few rules.

he summer, you should follow a few rules.

Therma Trim weight loss was a long way: what was thin from the first time, I mastered for months. I was angry, crying, I promised that I would not come back, - and again I embraced the pylon. And, I tell you, there is no greater happiness than to understand: you have done it - another trick has been mastered! I think each of us has a moment when sport is no longer just a way to regain shape and health , but an opportunity to feel like a super-smart. And as a bonus, the grateful body takes sculptural forms, the desire to overeat disappears, the primitive feeling of power, forgotten at the office table, returns. Time goes by - it's time to act, in order to look slim in the summer, you should follow a few rules.


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